Time Concept Spray Sprinkler

$18.00 USD

Tired of needing both a watering can and spray bottle to care for indoor plants? Look no further the Spray Sprinkler is here.  Our utilitarian in-house design is available in a stunning array of colors - perfect for apartments, offices, tiny homes, dorm rooms, country homes…anywhere you have a plant!


  • Available in three colors: Cream, Olive and Orange
  • Made from plastic.
  • Dimensions: 12.60"W x 10.83"L x 3.35"H
  • Made in China



Time Concept is committed to the design and manufacture of lifestyle products that contribute to a happier, healthier and safer life. Whether it's our planters, notebooks, or tech gadgets, we consider the best way to combine user experience, functionality and design. Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, with offices in the USA, our designers examine and evaluate everyday life and then create innovative products to celebrate and support it. Rooted in design, our products are on-trend and created on purpose with purpose.


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