Our weddings & events are carefully crafted environments designed to delight the senses and evoke emotion. We sometimes err on the side of simplicity, and other times teeter on the side of wild and amusing. We're hellbent on designing a day filled with intent, keeping both the overall vibe and details at the forefront of our design.

Our custom wedding & event services start at $15,000.

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we love communication & support

From inquiry thru event day, we go beyond just the inbox. We are a resource where every conversation provides multiple touch points to make you excited about the day. We gather tidbits from all our discussions and bundle it together to guide the final design.

we make things fun

"Research & Design": Our materials-driven take on the classic R&D, where our shop is our lab. We lean into your priorities, values and style for a highly personalized experience that allows for a meaningful and collaborative process. We love to bring clients along on our development process, and give you a glimpse into the world we'll create for your event.

we believe it's more than flowers

We understand the emotional-charge that comes with planning milestone events and strive to bring you ease, comfort and utter joy throughout the process. Excellence and hospitality are at the core of what we do at Brave. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

our design ethos

We view the entirety of the event holistically, and one that delights the senses. Our team deep dives into nailing down the smallest details during our intensive design process by unearthing inspiration from our library of reference books, favorite Pantone color chip combinations, collection of interesting vessels, vintage ribbons and so on.

We work closely with our local farmers and carefully-selected domestic and international growers, priding ourselves in choosing a botanical line-up that’s breathtaking, seasonal and absolutely matched for your event.


Small Gestures for Mother Earth

We recognize that the floral industry as a whole is one of waste. It starts at the growing process, cutting a fresh flower, disposing of each stem after just a few days, with mounds upon mounds of trash piling up.

Then you look at it from the lens of a single event - let alone millions of events globally. It's exponential.

We play the tiniest role in trying to delay the effects of our waste. Our shop & studio are floral-foam free since 2018, and we actively avoid the use of single-use plastics when possible. We implement recyclable goods in our packaging, and reduce botanical waste through our local composting partner, Java's Compost.

Every day, we are adding to our community of friends, florists, growers, farmers, and vendor partners who align with practices to better the environment in their respective industries. 

We are constantly learning how to better our business from this perspective.

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