About Soirée! A La Carte Event Florals

Introducing Soiree! by Brave, a boutique event floral experience designed at our Maplewood shop. This a la carte service provides a curated selection of event flowers, conceptualized from our team’s favorite color palettes and design narratives. This  collection is the gateway to a beautiful and editorial-level event supported by the simplicity of online ordering.

About the color story

step into an otherworldly, fantastical floral abyss

"A super-textured palette mixed with all the weird blooms and foliage we love. It evokes a sense of mystery and mood. The team and I leaned into this color story because it embarks on a path of highly curated floral selection by mixing dark and light tones, wild and farmed goods, and invasive and carnivorous species. Parts of it may feel unorthodox to use in a floral arrangement, and caters to the more adventurous flower and plant lover."
~ Val Braverman, Founder

Sensory: Noir, tobacco, oxblood, amethyst, chartruese and ash.

Pair with: Burnt sage sticks, moss and venus fly traps.

The Myrrh, The Merrier

The Playlist

An otherworldly playlist that's mysterious, deep and layered.

Movie Watch list

Little Shop of Horrors

Death Becomes Her

The Craft