String of bananas, or Curio radicans (aka Senecio radicans), is a trailing succulent native to South Africa. It’s often also called banana vine and grows smaller but similar shaped leaves to the string of fishhooks. 


The plant grows from weak surface roots, producing trailing stems up to three feet long on the ground which can root where they touch soil to form dense mats. It often grows under bushes or between rocks which provide some protection from intense sunlight. 

String of Fishhooks thrive in direct sunlight and or hanging next to a window. Ensuring the top of the soil sees sunlight promotes thick growth, and full strings of pearls.  Prune often to create a fuller looking plant.

This plant is also identified as Senecio radicans but was reclassified into the Curio family.



Planted in a 6" hanging basket.

Tendrils are approximately 3-4' long


Full sun to bright indirect light

Plant in a cactus soil mix. Soil should be well draining to avoid soggy wet roots.

Water when soil feels dry, every 10-14 days.



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