Philodendron micans

Philodendron, Mican

$34.00 USD

Native to the tropical regions of Mexico and the Caribbean, the philodendron micans is a stunning variety that is known for its velvety, heart-shaped leaves and trailing growth habit. Philodendron micans look great in hanging planters or climbing moss poles or trellises, and similar to other philodendron varieties, it is low-maintenance and easy to grow.

Caring for your Philodendron micans

Bright Indirect

Water Regularly

NOT Pet Safe


  • Bright indirect light
  • Likes to trail, and would do well with a trellis or other aerial support
  • Water every 1-2 weeks
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Meet the fabulous philodendron

The philodendron is a mainstay in any plant lovers collection and is an easy intro plant to the plant world. They come in vining growing patterns as well as bushy upright plants. Pay attention to your philodendron as their appearance can tell you exactly what it needs. Droopy leaves can mean that the plant is getting too much or not enough water. But the leaves recover quickly when you correct the watering schedule. Browning or discoloration can also indicate watering issues, as well as too much or too little sunlight. All in all, philodendrons are perfect collection plants and come in many different colors and shapes.