Light + Ladder Self Watering Pot, Fondra

$89.00 USD

Introducing the world’s first procedurally generated self-watering planter: Fondra, a collaboration between Light+Ladder and Greenery Unlimited. This graceful vessel is equal parts form and function and offers the optimal environment for plants to grow. Fondra, similar to fondre which translates to “will melt” in French, is inspired by soft masses colliding and merging. This organic shape was created using 3d software to simulate the physics of gravitational impact. The form was then 3D printed, cast in plaster, and hand worked to ensure the desired organic and fluid gesture.

  • Planter is made from glazed ceramic
  • Recommended for plants in a 6" nursery pot
  • Each planter includes aeration stones and a sub-irrigation insert
  • Measures 8" Wide x 7 1/2" High
  • Inside Diameter is 6 1/2".
  • Made in China