Olive Green Knobby Pumpkin

$14.50 USD

Pumpkins available for pick-up or delivery starting on Friday, 9/29.
**Any orders placed for dates prior will default to 9/29**

An Italian heirloom squash variety with a grayish-green knobby rind and flat, round shape. These are medium (10-12 lbs) ornamental pumpkins can be used indoors or outdoors, and look lovely paired with pink or white varieties. The color is nearly akin to a castelvetrano green olives (home cooks, you know)! These beauties have a shelf life of months when kept in proper conditions. Edible flesh in savory dishes like gnocchi or soups.

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Each piece weighs approximately 10-12 lbs.

Due to the nature of the pumpkins, some imperfections and irregularities may exist.