Flower Bar, Surprise Bundle!

$38.00 USD

Choose between Small @ $38 (shown in photo - approx. 5-8 stems), Medium @ $78 (approx. 10-16 stems), or Large @ $118 (approx. 15-24 stems) of the house selection of our favorite premium bloom bundle. These are single element bundles, meaning that only one type of flower will be provided in each bundle.

Perfect gift for hands-on flower enthusiasts or design novices alike.



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Varieties may include anemone, ranunculus, poppy, hellebore, or garden roses. These arrive in a simple, kraft paper wrap with no additional florals, filler or foliage. 

Exact number of blooms will depend on market price. Selection and varieties are “designer’s choice”, will either be all single variety or mixed, and will vary from week to week. Card with flower types and origin included.