Bud Vase Duo — The Myrrh, The Merrier

$90.00 USD

A Bud Vase Duo (pair of bud vases, i.e. 2x bud vases) can be used as part of a centerpiece cluster alongside a Classic Centerpiece, or ordered in multiples to spread down the center of one, long dinner table. Use an individual bud vase on a cocktail table, or a coffee table.

  • Two (2) bud vases
  • Each bud vase contains 4-5 special stems in varying heights
  • Designed to be viewed all-around. All arrangements come in sleek glass vases for your keeping after the event. Brave Floral is a floral foam-free shop, designing all of our arrangements in water. 
Soirée by Brave Floral

the myrrh the merrier

Led by texture and moody notes, this color story is both visual and tactile. It is an immersion of botanicals like wild mushrooms, carnivorous plants, begonia leaves, various pods, mixed with garden roses, orchids, and clematis for example.