Black & Green Petite Pumpkin

$6.50 USD

Pumpkins available for pick-up or delivery starting on Friday, 9/29.
**Any orders placed for dates prior will default to 9/29**

Rare, Japanese winter ornamental squash variety with dark green--nearly black--ribbed skin, beautiful for table settings or decorative baskets. It's the spooky-factor you need! A small (approx. 2-4 lbs) pumpkin with edible flesh/notes of Asian pear, lemon balsam, mango. These beauties have a shelf life of months when kept in proper conditions. As they ripen, they turn a bright orange.

Just Because


Each piece weights approx. 2-4 lbs.

Due to the nature of the pumpkins, some imperfections and irregularities may exist.