Pellaea potundifolia

Aloe Vera Plant

$32.00 USD

Everyone's favorite hard-to-kill houseplant!

Caring for your Pellaea potundifolia

Bright Indirect

Drought Tolerant

NOT Pet Safe


  • Bright indirect light
  • Water once every 2 weeks, and allow to dry thoroughly between waterings.
  • Non-toxic.
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Get to Know Your Aloe

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. The plant is stemless or very short-stemmed with thick, greenish, fleshy leaves that fan out from the plant’s central stem. The margin of the leaf is serrated with small teeth.

You’ll need a location that offers bright, indirect sunlight (or artificial sunlight). Direct sunlight can dry out the plant too much and turn its fleshy leaves yellow, so you may need to water more often if your aloe lives in an especially sunny spot.

Both beautiful and functional the Aloe Vera plant does it all. The gel from aloe vera leaves can be used topically but should not be ingested by people or pets.