Ground Arrangement — Tutti Fruitti Tiki

$150.00 USD

Truly versatile, the ground arrangements are made to both shine and support the over all event aesthetic.

Ground arrangements can be used in a myriad of ways at any event. Place a cluster of ground arrangements on either side of an altar to frame a ceremony or place along an aisle to mark the rows. Ground arrangements can also be used to compliment the base of an escort sign, placed around a band or DJ stage, or even at the base of a sweetheart or head table to pair with the table flowers.
Soirée by Brave Floral

Tutti Fruitti Tiki

Juicy fruits and bold florals are the pillar of this tropical-based color story. They're unapologetically fun, and the floral equivalent to sipping on a Daiquiri with the sand at your toes.