Classic Bouquet — The Myrrh, The Merrier

$190.00 USD

The Classic Bouquet is a timeless addition to any wedding event from intimate elopement, courthouse vows, church nuptials, or full celebration.


Classic bouquets are sized approximately 12"-14" W and contain up to (25) stems of floral & foliage. Finished with a satin ribbon wrap on handle with exposed stems.

Dress loaned by our friends Wander Atelier in Caldwell, NJ :)

Soirée by Brave Floral

the myrrh the merrier

Led by texture and moody notes, this color story is both visual and tactile. It is an immersion of botanicals like wild mushrooms, carnivorous plants, begonia leaves, various pods, mixed with garden roses, orchids, and clematis for example.