Our Approach & Culture

Brave Floral is an indie flower shop & creative studio crafting thoughtful, environmentally-considered botanical designs for deliveries, hospitality, corporate and residential customers.

Brave Floral is derivative of our owner's last name. At first, it was selected because it had a nice ring to it, but as time has gone on, it's formed a bit of a double entendre.

Here at Brave Floral we are not afraid to take on new projects, or tackle a challenge presented in front of us. No job is too big or too small. We're a group of quick-thinkers, resourceful as hell, and genuinely make magic happen on a daily basis.

We are firm believers in doing what is decent and right. We are vocal about social issues, and proudly support independent, woman-owned, minority-owned, lgbtq+ owned businesses, vendors and artists.

Brave is the name that was chosen, but it has evolved into a core value within our workplace culture.

We prioritize "local".

When available, we source our botanical goods from local farms located within 99 miles of Maplewood. The flowers are transported to the shop via car or van, and arrive in the freshest state possible. We are SO incredibly proud to work with farmers and growers who pay themselves and their staff a living wage. They are able to share with us the story of a particular variety or how they came to grow their favorite plants. We value being a part of this local ecosystem and economy, and actively support within our community however possible.

The core local product is grown from April thru October in our area. In the off months, we may source from other parts of the United States, and globally, though we will always be transparent as to where your flowers are grown. 

The local mindset carries over to much of what we do on an everyday basis. We not only purchase materials locally, but also our goods and supplies. We are stark supporters of shopping small and in your area. You may have seen our collaborations with Baker Street Market, Sunday Motor Company, Java's Compost, Jackie & Son, and Palmer's.

A note on mindful growth.

We recognize that our industry is one of waste--cutting a fresh flower, disposing of it after just a few days, etc. When we think of the event-level, it's multiplied. 

We work tirelessly to avoid single-use plastics (including all floral foam) in our design mechanics for both retail and events; implement recyclable goods in our packaging; hire local freelancers and designers for event work; and reduce botanical waste through our composting partner Java’s Compost. Every day, we are adding to our community of friends, florists, growers, farmers, and vendor partners who align with practices to better the environment in their respective industries. We are constantly learning how to better our business in this perspective.

If you're curious about why floral foam is so awful, take 5 minutes to read this fantastic article.

Our Team

Our team of experienced and budding retail associates, designers, production assistants, and more come from an array of education backgrounds ranging from New York Botanical Garden, New York Flower School, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, University of Delaware, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Illinois, plus design training with various shops and studios based in New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia. We're big fans of career changes. If you're interested in joining our team, see our open positions.