We are a tiny, but mighty, team of go-getters, problem solvers, and creative thinkers. We are big into playlists, morning coffees, design of all kinds, geeking out over flowers, plants, and weekly crosswords. We aren't afraid to dream big or use a drill. If you're interested in joining a growing team, then let's chat.

What we offer for employees:

• Transparent hourly pay and overtime pay
• Schedule flexibility
• Unlimited time off
• Medical, dental and vision insurance options (full-time)

Before applying, please consider the following:

Roles indicated by “part-time” and “full-time” are employee, payroll-based, and based out of our Maplewood shop. You are a pillar in the Brave Floral crew and scheduled regularly based on your availability.

Freelance roles are 1099 contractors, and are not considered an employees of Brave Floral. Work is based on our project/event needs either in Maplewood, or elsewhere within the 100 mile radius of Maplewood including NYC, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, Hudson Valley, etc. Freelancers are responsible for providing their own tools, transportation/mileage to and from the job, and proof of liability insurance.

Open Roles

Come Work With Us

Floral Processor (Part-time) 
Floral Designer

If you don't see an open position that aligns with what you are most interested in, send us an email at Please share your resume, what about working at Brave Floral excites you, and what would make you a great fit for our team.