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The Swiss cheese plant (Monstera adansonii) gets its common name from its large, heart-shaped leaves that develop holes as the plant ages in a process called fenestration resembling swiss cheese. Native to Central and South America, the Swiss cheese plant is a tropical perennial that's typically grown indoors. It has a fast growth rate and a vining habit.



Available in 4" GP, 6" GP, 6" HB, 8" HB


Plant care:

  • Bright indirect light, but leaves will burn if exposed to direct sunlight
  • Water weekly. Likes to have moist soil but not completely soaked.
  • This is a tropical plant and likes humidity as well as being periodically misted.
  • This plant likes to trail and climb, and would benefit from a stake, moss pole or trellis to grow upon.
  • Toxic if ingested



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