Our Detox + Clarify Gift Set is an assortment of stimulating, detoxifying favorites selected to deeply cleanse and restore skin and spirits from head to toe. Beautifully clean and green, this refreshing set is a delightful way to clear out toxins and start anew. 



  • Contains: Detox Body Scrub (2.5 oz), Detox Facial Mask (.3 oz), Tea Tree + Mint Soap (2 oz)
  • Primary packaging is glass bottles/jars packaged in a branded outer box. 
  • Made in the USA



Palermo Body creates products that nourish your skin, stimulate your mind, and come directly from nature, making the process of caring for yourself something you look forward to each day.

Inspired by the rituals of her Grandmother, owner Jess created Palermo Body from a deep appreciation of natural values and a desire to share the importance of personal growth—making it attainable for as many people as possible. 

Palermo products to be your go-to tools for creating sustainable self-care routines. Palermo creates a virtuous cycle of well-being by creating products that have earth-derived ingredients selected for their benefits to your body and mind.



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Palermo Body | Detox + Clarify Mindful Kit
Palermo Body | Detox + Clarify Mindful Kit