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Greenery Unlimited's Heritage Quality Planters blend simple, timeless forms with the highest in class materials for a pot built to last a lifetime. Made from lightweight fiberglass with a matte painted finish, the geometry of the Calyer exhibits a modern take on a classic planter bowl shape and will soften the hard angles often found indoors. This vessel's low orb design is a beautiful counterbalance to plants with leafy, broad foliage. Includes a removable drainage plug.



  • Recommended for plants in a 14" grow pot.
  • Made to last a lifetime. High quality fiberglass with repaint-able matte finish.
  • Removable drainage plug included on every pot.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Measures 18.1" Wide x 11.8" High. Inside Diameter is 16.5".
  • Colorways: Black, Salmon, White, & Stone



Greenery Unlimited was founded by husband and wife Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullene. The team believes that when we understand how plants work, we understand more deeply the intricate ecosystems that sustain life on this planet. This understanding motivates us to make choices that honor the earth and in turn improve the quality of human life. We create growing systems that require minimal human interaction in order for plants to thrive.



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Greenery Unlimited Calyer Planter
Greenery Unlimited Calyer Planter
Greenery Unlimited Calyer Planter