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Staghorn fern available in 8" grower's pot, or 6" mounted on wood and ready to hang. 

They are a sub-tropical plant and grow in crooks of trees in nature. Their roots hold them in place, and they absorb water and nutrients through their fronds.

They have two types of fronds. The first is the “antler” frond -- the large, bifurcated leaves that shoot out of the center of the plant. Spores develop on the lower these fronds, and look a bit like brown fuzz -- don’t remove the spores! This is a no-no in staghorn fern care.

The second type of staghorn fern frond is called the shield frond. These are the round, hard plate-like leaves that surround the base of the plant. Their function is to protect the plant roots, and take up water and nutrients. These fronds start out green, but eventually turn brown and dry up. This is a totally normal part of the staghorn fern life-cycle, and shield fronds should never be removed


Plant care:

Bright indirect light

Staghorn ferns need extensive drainage and are particularly susceptible to root rot.

When mounted, soak entire plant and wood board in water for 10-20 minutes and allow to drip dry. Appreciates being misted in between waterings.

Non-toxic if ingested


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