Tradescantia spathacea

Spiderwort "Rhoeo"

$14.00 USD

Spiderwort "Rhoeo" or also known as, "Moses in the Cradle" is a popular house plant, related to the Inch Plant. You'll find that it's just as easy to grow.

Dark-green, lance-shaped leaves with purplish-red undersides make this a beautiful house plant year-round. You can keep your plant indoors. But if you move it outdoors for the summer, keep it shaded from direct sun. Also, check the soil every couple days so that it doesn't dry out.

Available in 4" grower's pots

Caring for your Tradescantia spathacea

Bright Indirect

Water Regularly

NOT Pet Safe


  • Thrives in bright, indirect light.
  • Water weekly, keeping soil moist but not wet. Increase frequency with increased light.
  • Toxic if ingested.
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