Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’ is a tropical delight, and a proclaimed air-purifier. In its native South East Asian countries, you’ll often find it naturally growing in the forked branches of trees. Perhaps another reason it earned its "Bird’s Nest" name. It is a beautiful bright green fern with marvelous ribbon-shaped, ruffled leaves which radiate outward, creating a bowl shape in the center.



Potted in our Cobalt Blue Sutton pot.

  • Planter is made from glazed ceramic.
  • Each planter includes aeration stones and a sub-irrigation insert.
  • Measures 6" Wide x 4 3/4" High. Inside Diameter is 5".
  • For further information, read How To Use Our Self-Watering Planters.



  • Medium, indirect light.
  • Keep soil moist with great drainage.
  • Water & mist weekly



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Potted - Cobalt Sutton with Crispy Wave Fern