Araucaria heterophylla

Norfolk Island Pine

$18.00 USD

While they may share the name and even resemble a pine tree, they are not true pines at all, nor are they as hardy as the standard pine tree that people are used to. They are not cold tolerant and cannot be put outside. In fact, they are a tropical plant. So paying attention to humidity is very important in the winter when the indoor humidity normally falls significantly. Keeping the humidity high around the tree will help it thrive. This can be done by either using a pebble tray with water, using a humidifier in the room, or through a weekly misting of the tree.

Caring for your Araucaria heterophylla

Bright Indirect

Water Regularly

NOT Pet Safe


  • While these are called "pine trees" they require care similar to tropical plants
  • Bright indirect light
  • Water weekly. Mist often, or provide a pebble tray/nearby humidifier for humidity
  • Keep away from drafty windows, as these plants do not tolerate the cold well.
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