Chocoland Advent Calendar

$58.00 USD

An Advent calendar 100% pure cocoa butter and guaranteed without palm oil. Only organic chocolates inside, and the promise of a treasure hunt from which you will never be able to break! **Some pieces contain nuts**


Advent calendar: 258g / 9.1oz
Giant size: 13.7 x 19.7 x 1.4 inches
Illustration: Valentin Pujadas

Le chocolat des Français

In 2014, Matthieu, Paul and Vincent had a vision: bring
happiness and color to the world by making chocolate
as beautiful as it tastes. Manufactured in France within the tradition of classic French handcrafted chocolate, each piece is wrapped in a bold-colored packaging, designed and signed by a different artist. Nine years later, the family expanded to other gourmet chocolate products including delicious truffles, marshmallow bears, coca powder... With partners all around the world, from NY to Tokyo, Le chocolat des Français can now be found in over 1500 top selective boutiques ...including Brave Floral.