Rattlesnake plants (Goeppertia insignis, formerly Calathea lancifolia) are tricky houseplants to nurture, but if you give them the care they need, you will be rewarded with an impressive display from their foliage. This species is native to the rainforests of Brazil. The plant can grow up to 30 inches tall, and the large leaves have a variegated pattern with various shades of greens and a wavy pattern along their edges. Even the undersides of the foliage are eye-catching with their beautiful purplish-red tones.



Available in 6" and 8" growers pots.



  • Loves humidity and moist, not wet, soil.
  • Water when soil is dry on top or leaves are drooping.
  • Keep in bright, indirect light. Can handle some direct light, but leaves will crisp if left in the sun for too long.




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