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We have revived this aged terracotta shape in three sizes. Again, both classical and modern, they can be appreciated in most any setting.



Available in two sizes:

  • Small 5" D x 3" H
  • Medium - Out of Stock


Terracotta Care Instruction

1. Once planted, simply watering your plant will turn the dormant moss into a lush green surface on your pot. 

2. When not planted, avoid exposing your mossed pot to prolonged direct sunlight.

3. In cold climates, the 100% natural terra-cotta pots should be brought indoors with the first heavy frost.



Literally, Campo de’ Fiori means “Field of Flowers” and the combination of flowers and the elegance of classical Rome combined to inspire its current incarnation in the Berkshires. Campo specializes in aged moss terracotta, iron work, and copper plant pots, stands and garden decor.


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