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Perfect gift for hands-on flower enthusiasts or design novices alike. Our 12 month bundle subscription is ideal for gift-giving as a purchased set of bouquet deliveries or pickups that bring a surprise floral variety every month.

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Our 12 month bundle subscription is ideal for gift-giving as a purchased set of bouquet deliveries or pickups that bring a surprise floral variety every month.

HOW IT WORKS: Add this bundle to your cart and select the first day you'd like the first bouquet delivered* or ready for pickup. Include a message for your recipient to receive with the first delivery order. The first delivery order will be designed in an included vessel which can be kept and reused for all future monthly wrapped bouquets. Every month, recipients receive a curated selection of fresh blooms in our Surprise Bundle and a card that includes the details of that month's seasonal flowers. 

ABOUT THE SURPRISE BUNDLE: Our small surprise bundle is just that - a surprise! We love working with the seasonality of florals and want you to enjoy a delightful surprise that will have a bundle of flowers, all of the same variety. Floral varieties may include anemone, ranunculus, poppy, hellebore, or garden roses.

Surprise bundles are specifically bloom centric - they arrive in a simple, kraft paper wrap with no additional florals, filler or foliage. Exact number of blooms will depend on market price. Selection and varieties are “designer’s choice”, will either be all single variety or mixed, and will vary from month to month. 

Our bouquets are hand-tied and designed with the utmost care and caution using blooms & foliage sourced from local farms (all within 99 miles of Maplewood**). 

Regular monthly Surprise Bundle will be wrapped in tissue paper, finished with a raffia and a small pouch of water on the stems. Immediately place in proper vase upon receipt. 

    **If delivery is selected, the delivery fee for the recipient's address will be multiplied by 12 at checkout to prepay for all future delivery dates.
    **We make a conscious effort to source as locally as possible; however, there are points in the season when local farm availability is scarce, in which case we will substitute with seasonally-appropriate imported florals and foliage.

    caring for your florals

    Your florals have already been designed and arranged either in a vase, or as a hand-tied bouquet, for you by one of our designers.
    That’s half the battle! Get the most out of your blooms by properly caring for them.

    01. Prep Your Vase

    For hand-tied bouquets, select a vase that is the height of the bouquet stems. You may need to trim the stems for shorter vases. Choose a vase where the stems to sit sturdily in the vase, but not tight.We recommend three (3) stems per 1" D of a vase opening. Clean your vase with soap & water, then fill with clean, cool water. Make sure the water level is high enough so that each cut-end of the stem is submerged.

    02. Clean Greenery from Stems

    For hand-tied bouquets, unwrap the bouquet, and clean off any excess leaves from the lower part of the stem that will be submerged under water. Leaves that come intact with water cause bacteria build-up, and will make your florals perish much quicker.

    If your stems arrived in a water pouch, immediately transfer into the vase. If your stems have sat out of water, snip 1" from the bottom of the stems before submerging in water.

    03. Flower Maintenance

    Flush the water in your vase daily. Find a small opening between the blooms (but not on top of the blooms themselves), aiming the faucet in that area and slowly running cool water into the vase for 20-30 seconds. The old water will circulate out, and new water enters in. You may even add floral food, or 2-3 drops of regular bleach to the new water to help keep it bacteria-free. You'll want to make sure that the water level is high enough to submerge every single stem. We recommend filling the vase all the way up.

    Fresh, Local & Sustainable

    Much love to our local flower Growers

    When available, we source our botanical goods from farms located within 99 miles of our shop in Maplewood, NJ. The flowers are transported to the shop via car or van, and arrive in the freshest state possible. We are incredibly proud to work with farmers and growers of all sizes who follow ethical growing practices. They are able to share with us the story of a particular variety or how they came to grow their favorite plants. We value being a part of this thriving, local ecosystem and economy, and actively support within our community however possible.