Potted - Peach & Pebble Small Blue Planter with Spiderwort Plant

$45.00 USD

The spiderwort plant has become a must-have for plant lovers. It is often colorful, with pink, white, purple, and green stripes pattern its lush leaves on upright stems. Under the right conditions, it can grow as a long trailing ivy, and you’ll even find small white and yellow flowers emerging from its pink buds during the growing season. This plant grows quickly and vigorously.

Caring for your


Water Regularly

NOT Pet Safe


Arrives potted! You may not receive the exact variety of spiderwort plant pictured. Availability subject to current plant stock.

  • Medium to bright light
  • Water every 1-2 weeks allowing soil to dry completely between waterings
  • This is a plant that likes to trail and climb. Rotate every week to encourage more equal growth all the way around the plant.
  • Toxic if ingested   
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